The year 2023 is definitely the year of rapid growth in the popularity of the Polish market when it comes to affiliate marketing. We see a growing number of affiliates coming from the East, and more and more affiliate and networking events are organized in the country. Given that Polish is also our native language, choosing the offer seemed like an obvious decision.

Poland belongs to the group of Tier-2 countries, just like Portugal, Japan, Latvia, and Georgia. Compared to other countries, it is characterized by high quality of traffic from social media, high popularity of promotional activities that do not require a financial contribution from publishers and frequent use of opinions and comments in promotional activities. These insights are exceptionally valuable when planning an affiliate campaign.

When analyzing offers, it is essential to pay attention to the available payment options, especially for offers where the conversion point relies on payment. The country boasts a well-developed banking system, and Poles tend to favor quick payments using online payment systems such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, with credit card details being less commonly used.


Flexicoldin – PL

Type: COD

GEO: Poland

Rate: $17.92

The Flexicodin offer is the one from the Nutra category settled in the COD model, and it was recommended by one of MyLead’s affiliate managers, as it’s been converting well in the past few months. It is worth mentioning their support team is always open to talking and suggesting the best options possible.


Country: Poland

Source: Facebook Ads

Spent: USD 1,500.00

Revenue: USD 2,705.92

Profit: USD 1,205.92

ROI: 80.39%

Term of the advertising campaign: June 1st – June 30th 2023

Number of registrations: 151

CR: 9.2467%

Within 30 days, 151 leads were generated, resulting in over $2,000 in profit. The conversion rate reached a little over 9%.


We aimed to use something familiar in the advertising industry for Nutra offers, which led us to use images depicting the problems the product can potentially solve, such as back pain, muscle pain, etc.

Our approach involved keeping the creatives straightforward and visually appealing to ensure clarity for the users. We opted for simplicity in the creation process, as we weren’t sure about their conversion potential from the outset.

Title: Hit recommended by 4,752 specialists. 

Description: Removes pain and inflammation in 30 seconds!


The promotion was exclusively conducted on Facebook. The campaign’s goal was to generate the highest number of website visits, ultimately leading to customer acquisition.

The product being an analgesic ointment with the conversion point being sales with payment on delivery, the campaign was directed towards people over 18, with a primary focus on the 40+ age group, mainly men.

The campaign was targeted at both desktop and mobile devices and was aimed at reaching users from all over Poland. More specific location targeting didn’t make sense in this case.


HideLink is a link cloaking tool available in the MyLead network. Not only does it help extend the life of your domain by filtering out social bots and ad platforms from real users, but it also recognizes the IP addresses of spy tools, giving publishers greater confidence that their campaigns won’t be duplicated.

HideLink requires the affiliate to have a website, the so-called safe page. In this case, such a page may contain information on home-made remedies for fighting joint pain, suggestions for exercises to relax muscle tension and the silhouette of an orthopaedic doctor aimed at adding credibility to the content.

As the offer we promoted is quite common, we didn’t want the creations to get stolen. The budget also did not allow for the possibility of creating many landing pages, so we wanted to keep the domain alive as long as possible. Without a doubt, using a link cloaker was a must.


The results of the campaign positively surprised us, although there are a few elements that would be worth improving. These are:

  • conducting A/B tests on created creations instead of running ads simultaneously,
  • expanding the target group to people aged 25/30+ interested in amateur sport and thus at risk of injury.