Five fundamental components for a successful affiliate program

Most webmasters are interested to know how to select the best CPA-network for them and what criteria to focus on. This question is particularly important for beginners who are just starting to work with traffic. Affiliates with experience are attracted by favorable conditions. We will discuss these conditions and other factors influencing your choice of affiliate programs in our special guide from SERIOUS.PARTNERS.

Let’s talk about the the five fundamental components that make up a successful affiliate program according to our version:

The advantage belongs to CPA networks that have expertise in their niches

As you might have guessed, it is much better to enter into a partnership with a specialized partner program. These programs are more likely to guarantee you quality and exclusivity within their niche. SERIOUS.PARTNERS initially began its work as a monovertical partner network. It was only when the network began to acquire expertise in other areas of work with advertising traffic that we expanded our activities to other verticals.

If you aim to work with a very large multi vertical network, then we advise you to first study in detail how the network operates in each of its given directions.

The website interface should be intuitive even for a beginner

The ease of working with a partner program depends highly on its interface. The interface is the primary tool that will either help to simplify your work, or distract you and require more of your time.

The header should contain the following sections: Statistics (plus details), Offers (plus streams), Tools (Postback, API), Finance, FAQ and Contacts.

The most important section is Offers. This section should contain all the additional information on the product that directly affects your future profit. Geo, Category, Payment, Daily cap, Request for access to the offer and the Average payout must be specified in the description.

Openness and partner orientation

Transparent and predictable working conditions with the CPA network are highly important for any arbitrageur. After all, budgets for an advertising campaign, targeting settings and, of course, the arbitrageur’s own profit will depend upon these conditions. Not all affiliate programs demonstrate the process of accumulation of their payments and their formation, so it is important that the webmaster first figure out the payment system on their own or check with a personal manager before beginning work. Open and transparent working conditions and responsive support are the key to maintaining high quality standards.

In addition to this, a very important characteristic of the “level” of the CPA-network is the support of the webmaster’s work with additional services and promotional materials.

What are the options for a loyalty system?

Free apps and creatives;

The possibility of raising rates;

Prize drawings of merch and other gifts;

Free entrance to conferences;

Beneficial discounts and promo codes from service partners.

SERIOUS.PARTNERS has a special bot designed for renting applications for the convenience of webmasters. We also provide assistance with creatives and promotions. For further details, you can contact your personal manager who will advise you on working with additional services and materials.

Traffic Sources and Geo

The Internet is filled with promotion sites and networks where you can purchase traffic. When buying traffic, the advertiser determines the choice of traffic sources. From this list you can then choose the appropriate advertising platform that is closer to your niche. The number of sources that the PP works with helps facilitate the work of the webmaster. How? It enables you to work with the tool that you know how to navigate best. If you want Google? you’re welcome. Prefer TikTok? No problem.

The same logic applies to Geo. The wider the coverage of countries and regions, the better, as this allows you the opportunity to work with the region that is appropriate to your target audience. On the flipside, if you decided to try something new you could change the Geo with ease.

Reputation in media and social networks

Study the mentions of the partner network and its social networks. If you observe that the PP is active, this means it will inform partners about its updates and news in the media space, as well as create content for its partners. Such a positioning format always brings more confidence with it.

Be sure to check blogs, read reviews and comments. The media field will help you to gain the right impression about the partner network.

It is always considered a great success when the affiliate or the team can find an affiliate network that meets these characteristics. Of course, it is also important for any CPA network to strive to improve upon their service and offer webmasters favorable terms of cooperation and keep abreast of trends. This is exactly what the SERIOUS.PARTNERS team strives for. Subscribe to our social networks to keep up to date with the latest news and information from the affiliate program.