EZmob: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you an affiliate marketer, media buyer, app developer, or website owner looking to take your online marketing to the next level? Look no further than EZmob, a self-serve ad network that empowers you to maximize your online presence and reach your marketing goals. With a wide range of ad formats and a global publisher base, EZmob offers the tools and resources you need to succeed in the digital advertising landscape.

What is EZmob?

EZmob is an ad network that was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing advertisers with direct access to premium ad inventory on some of the world’s most popular sites and apps. With a user-friendly self-serve advertising interface, EZmob allows advertisers to easily set up and manage their campaigns, reaching over 3 billion daily ad impressions worldwide.

The Ad Formats Offered by EZmob

EZmob offers a variety of effective ad formats to suit the needs of any advertiser. Whether you’re looking to launch a popunder campaign, utilize push notifications, or leverage traditional banner and native advertising, EZmob have you covered. Here are some of the ad formats available on the platform:

  • Popunders: Popunders are a popular ad format that appear in a new browser window behind the main window. With a minimum bid of only $0.20 CPM, you can reach a wide audience at an affordable price.
  • Push Notifications: Push notifications are a highly engaging ad format that allow you to send targeted messages directly to users’ devices. EZmob offers push ads, In-Push, and Calendar, with a cost of $0.003 per click.
  • Banner Advertising: Banner ads are a classic ad format that can be highly effective when used strategically. EZmob offers banner advertising with a minimum bid of $0.20 CPM, giving you flexibility in your campaign setup.
  • Native Advertising: Native ads seamlessly blend into the content of a website or app, providing a non-intrusive and engaging ad experience. With EZmob, you can launch native advertising campaigns with a cost of $0.01 CPC.

Targeting Options for Advertisers

EZmob provides advertisers with a comprehensive targeting suite, allowing you to reach your desired audience with precision. Here are some of the targeting options available on the platform:

  • Countries: Target specific countries or regions to tailor your campaign to the right audience.
  • Operating Systems: Choose to target users based on their device’s operating system and version.
  • Browsers: Reach users on specific browsers and versions to optimize your campaign’s performance.
  • Device Types and Devices: Target users based on their device type, such as mobile, tablet, or desktop, as well as specific device models.
  • Domains and Zones: Gain granular control over your campaign by targeting specific domains and zones for display and native inventory.
  • SubID and Publisher Feed: Utilize SubID and Publisher Feed targeting for all other campaign types.
  • Mobile ISP and/or Carrier: Narrow down your audience by targeting specific mobile ISPs or carriers in each geographical region.
  • Connection Type: Choose to target users based on their connection type, whether it’s 3G or Wi-Fi.
  • Day of the Week + Specific Hours: Optimize your campaign by scheduling your ads to run on specific days of the week and during certain hours of the day.
  • IP Whitelists: Ensure that your ads are only shown to users with specific IP addresses.
  • Keywords: Target users based on specific keywords relevant to your campaign.
  • Referrers Lists: Reach users who have visited specific websites or apps as referrers.
  • Publisher Categories: Tailor your campaign to specific publisher categories to align with your target audience.
  • Ad Categories: Choose from a wide range of ad categories to ensure your ads are shown in relevant contexts.

Payment Methods Accepted by EZmob

EZmob accepts a variety of payment methods to make it easy for advertisers to get started. Whether you prefer to pay with Capitalist, PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Paxum, WebMoney, Payoneer, or USDT, EZmob has you covered.

Getting Started with EZmob

Are you ready to take your online marketing to the next level with EZmob? Getting started is quick and easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Fund Your Account: Once registered, fund your account with a minimum deposit of $100 using your preferred payment method.
  • Manage Campaigns: Click the “manage campaigns” button in your account dashboard to begin setting up your first campaign.
  • Choose the Ad Format: Select the ad format that best suits your campaign objectives.
  • Set Up Campaign Details and Targeting: Enter the campaign details and configure your targeting options to reach your desired audience effectively.
  • Upload Your Creatives: Upload your ad creatives, ensuring they adhere to the platform’s guidelines and specifications.
  • Save and Launch: Review your campaign settings, click “save,” and wait for EZmob’s team to approve your campaign. Once approved, your campaign will go live shortly after.

Tips for Generating Conversions with EZmob

Now that you have your campaign set up, it’s time to focus on generating conversions. Here are five tips to help you optimize your campaigns and achieve your desired results:

  • Start Slow, Optimize Fast: Begin with a low bid to test the waters and gather data. Once you have insights into what’s working, optimize your campaign by increasing your bid to gain validated traffic from publishers that are already converting for you.
  • Use a Conversion Tracking Platform: Employ a conversion tracking platform to monitor and analyze the performance of your campaigns. By tracking your events and utilizing optimization tools, you can identify non-performing placements and apps and make data-driven decisions to improve your results.
  • Consult with the EZmob Team: The EZmob team is experienced and dedicated to your success. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them with any questions or concerns you may have. They are there to assist you and provide guidance throughout your campaign.
  • Consult with Your Affiliate Manager: Before launching your campaigns, consult with your affiliate manager to gather insights and best practices. They can provide valuable information on the most effective targeting setups and offer page compatibility, ensuring a smooth start to your campaign.
  • Take Advantage of EZmob’s Exclusive Promotion: As an Instapage user, you can benefit from EZmob’s exclusive deposit offer. Use the promo code ADAP50 when making your first purchase on the EZmob platform. Users who deposit $150 will receive a free $50 bonus added to their budget, giving you more resources to maximize your campaign’s potential.


EZmob is a powerful platform that empowers advertisers to take control of their campaigns and achieve real-time results. With a wide range of ad formats, comprehensive targeting options, and excellent customer support, EZmob is a reliable partner in the digital advertising landscape. With a minimum deposit of $100, it’s easy to get started and see the impact EZmob can have on your online marketing efforts. Visit the EZmob website today to join and unlock the full potential of your campaigns.