Three advantages of working with gambling CPA networks

In 2023 CPA networks are no longer just conduits that help affiliates find advertisers. They are now full-fledged services that provide webmasters with content, statistics, round the clock support and, of course, guarantees of payment.

Below we will tell how to choose the perfect gambling CPA network. 

What is a CPA network?

CPA network or an affiliate network is an intermediary platform that brings together advertisers who want to attract users and webmasters who can drive traffic to the advertisers website.

For advertisers, the CPA network is a convenient way to promote their products. The company only needs to say what kind of audience they need, what action they expect from the users and set up the cost for each target action. Thus, the business doesn’t need to hire staff and search for ways to attract users. 

For webmasters, working with affiliate networks is a convenient way to find suitable offers and get guaranteed payment for quality work.

What are the differences between CPA networks 

CPA networks can differ depending on:

Types of offers

On some CPA networks you can find offers from different verticals, for example merchandise, electronics, banking, health and gambling. Others specialize in a specific vertical. In addition to specialization, affiliate networks have a different number of offers in a specific vertical.

Professional affiliate networks can provide webmasters with exclusive offers, including their own products. Thus, limited access to such offers guarantees higher payouts.


Some affiliate networks work only with advertisers from particular countries, others work with companies from all over the world. Usually, webmasters choose networks that provide offers from different locations: if they don’t get high results from a particular offer, they can switch to another without changing the CPA network.

Payment models

Depending on the conditions of a particular offer and the affiliate network’s conditions, the webmasters can choose from different payment models. For example, the can get payment for each registration, sale or a specific action of the user. The rate can be:

— Fixed. The webmaster receives the agreed payment, even if the lead is not the highest quality.

— Dynamic. The rate will depend on the quality of the leads: their age, location and solvency. The better the leads, the higher the rate.

Traffic sources

Affiliate networks can count leads only from a specific traffic source or offer the webmasters a wide range of traffic sources from which they can drive users to the advertisers’ website.

Benefits for webmasters

Reliable affiliate networks may offer special bonus systems for webmasters. For example, cashback for working with specific offers, a welcome bonus for the first deposit or increased rates for the most active webmasters.

Additional features

CPA networks can offer solutions that will significantly facilitate and speed up the work of a webmaster. For example, a CPA network can:

— provide banners, landing pages and promotional materials or offer ready-made solutions,

— provide applications for specific offers,

— conduct special courses or provide guides that’ll help with specific offers,

— offer spy services. 

Advantages of working with an affiliate network in gambling

A large selection of offers from different locations

Gambling is a highly profitable vertical. If you choose the right CPA network, you can significantly increase income at a lower cost. Affiliate networks offer webmasters a wide range of offers that differ by location, payment model, traffic source, etc. 

For example, Lgaming specializes only in gambling and provides different offers from these verticals, including betting and casino. That said, Lgaming guarantees benefits for each type of offer. By choosing betting offers you get welcome bonus package, while with casino offers you can get weekly cashback.

Payment Guarantee 

Reliable affiliate networks competently choose advertisers and guarantee payment for quality leads and their targeted actions. In case of disputable situations, the affiliate network will help to protect the interests of the webmaster so that he will surely get paid. 

In-house offers

Some CPA networks provide unique products, so the webmasters, that are registered on the network, get access to a highly profitable offer.

For example, Lgaming has its own unique product BetAndrеas. Limited access to the offer gives higher rates for webmasters.

How to choose an affiliate network in gambling

When choosing an affiliate network in the gambling vertical, pay attention to the following criteria.

  1. Specialization of the affiliate network

If you plan to work specifically with gambling, it is better to choose narrow-vertical CPA networks. Due to the narrow specialization, the CPA network is well versed in the vertical, and can offer quality and profitable offers depending on the request of the webmaster. 

To some webmasters, it is worth paying attention what kind of gambling offers the affiliate network has. For example, there are webmasters who work with cybersports offers, but refuse to work with casinos. 

  1. Variety of offers

When choosing an affiliate network, pay attention to the number of offers and their locations. 

For example, LGaming offers a wide range of offers from different countries: both from popular locations, such as Europe, Asia and CIS, and non-trivial locations like Bolivia, Africa and Argentina, where interest in betting is actively growing.

  1. Payment models

For example, a fixed payment is more likely to suit newcomers, because the webmaster gets paid for a specific action even if the lead is not the highest quality. If you already have skills in affiliate marketing, and you know how to attract high-quality leads for a particular advertiser, it is worth paying attention to offers with a dynamic rate.

  1. Withdrawal methods

When choosing an affiliate network, check the withdrawal methods. Trusted affiliate networks offer different withdrawal options including bank cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrency wallets.

In addition to withdrawal methods, it is important to look at the terms and conditions for withdrawal. For example, LGaming allows you to withdraw funds by request at amounts from $100. 

  1. Additional tools for work

Trusted CPA networks affiliates offer webmasters:

— Convenient interface with details about each offer and the webmasters statistics;

— Tools for work: ready-made landing pages, banners, applications and creatives;

— Services for analytics and tracking systems;

— Guides on how to work with a particular offer and training materials.

  1. Support Service

The webmaster may have a lot of questions when setting up ads and working with a particular offer, so it is important that the affiliate network has a support service. Trusted CPA networks provide a personal manager who understands the chosen vertical and can help when working with different advertisers. For example, at LGaming, all webmasters get a personal manager with whom they can keep in touch via Telegram or Skype.

  1. Reputation of the CPA network

Usually, webmasters work with only three affiliate networks at a time. When choosing an affiliate network, it is worth paying attention to how long the affiliate has been on the market and were there complaints on the network. When reading reviews, keep in mind that people prefer to report negative experiences, even if the person himself was wrong and performed badly.