OpenAFF Affiliate Network Overview

OpenAFF is one of the most prominent players in the affiliate network market. Thanks to its wide range of financial offers, high-tech application and reliable platform, it has attracted the interest of affiliates and marketers seeking to maximize their income. In this review, we will look at OpenAFF’s offerings, analyze its benefits and highlight the distinctive features that distinguish this affiliate network from its counterparts in financial marketing.


  1. What is OpenAFF?
  2. Benefits of the platform
  3. How to register
  4. Dashboard
  5. Offers
  6. Payout Scheme
  7. Partner Support
  8. Partner Testimonials
  9. Conclusion

What is OpenAFF?

OpenAFF holds one of the top positions in the affiliate financial networking industry. OpenAFF has achieved this through its focus on providing partners with high-end financial products and services. OpenAFF offers a wide range of financial solutions – from investment platforms and personal finance management tools to insurance services and more. OpenAFF allows partners to effectively promote these financial products and earn good commissions for all successfully referred clients. OpenAFF is available in most countries of the world, and the company is currently planning to enter the markets of Spain, Italy, Singapore and Japan.

Benefits of the platform

OpenAFF differs from other affiliate networks in a number of distinctive advantages: 

  • Application of Artificial Intelligence: OpenAFF is the first technology affiliate network to start incorporating artificial intelligence into its platform, which significantly increases the effectiveness of affiliate marketing;
  • 3 payment models: Affiliates have access to 3 models of receiving payment for marketing actions – CPA, CPL, CRG;
  • Variety of financial offers: OpenAFF provides access to 4,000 financial offers targeting different financial niches. Whether it’s investment opportunities or financial instruments, you’ll find options that match your target audience;
  • High Commissions: This affiliate network offers good commissions, allowing affiliates to earn generous rewards for their marketing efforts;
  • Performance Tracking: OpenAFF offers advanced tracking and reporting tools that give affiliates the ability to track their performance, optimize strategies, and maximize revenue;
  • Exclusive advertiser materials and solutions: Affiliates have access to a wide range of customized promotional materials and exclusive advertisers, allowing them to tailor their marketing campaigns to their target audience and niche;
  • Global reach: OpenAFF partners with financial institutions and providers from around the world, accepting large volumes of traffic, allowing affiliates to reach a large customer base.

How to register

It is easy to register in OpenAFF. Partners can register on the platform by specifying: email, Telegram or Skype ID and coming up with a password. Then a confirmation is sent to the email and the partner is contacted by a manager who activates the account. After activation, the partner gets access to the network control panel and a lot of financial offers for promotion.

Personal cabinet panel

OpenAFF’s user-friendly panel is designed to simplify the work of affiliates. It provides affiliates with a complete overview of their account, including real-time performance data, available offers, marketing materials and revenue. The dashboard simplifies campaign management by allowing you to track progress and make decisions based on data.

The “statistics” tab provides partners with reporting on various metrics.

Filters for more detailed reporting are available on the “settings” tab.


OpenAFF offers more than 4,000 affiliate offers. Regardless of your wishes for an offeror, you will find offers that match your niche. The platform regularly updates its offers to keep them relevant and competitive in the market. If an offer is deactivated, the affiliate will receive an email notification. You can contact your account manager to activate the offer.

Payout Scheme

One of the key aspects that affiliates look out for is the payment process. OpenAFF is known for its fast and reliable payouts. Affiliates are offered a variety of payment methods including USDT TRC20, USDT ERC 20, Bitcoin, Etherium, ZaleyCash, Capitalist, and Webmoney. The platform also offers weekly withdrawals on Wednesdays and Fridays. The minimum withdrawal fee is $500. The first withdrawal can be made starting from the 5th deposit. The dominant payout model on the platform is CPA, but CRG and CPL models are available for trusted affiliates of the network.

Affiliate Support

OpenAFF recognizes the importance of reliable support for its affiliates. The network has dedicated affiliate managers who are available to answer questions, provide help and advice every day from 8am to 8pm (GMT+3). You can contact the support team in the “tickets” section.


OpenAFF has proven to be an outstanding financial affiliate network with a large portfolio of offers, high commissions and reliable support. Affiliates looking for opportunities in the financial sector can successfully utilize this network to promote a wide range of financial products and services. The user-friendly dashboard, reliable support and reputation of the company make OpenAFF a very attractive proposition for affiliates looking to maximize their affiliate marketing revenues in the financial sector.