Auto-generated Creatives — a New Feature from RollerAds

Let’s be honest, most of us are fed up with setting up the marketing campaigns. We all want traffic, conversions, and profit, and we want it now! If only there was a way to lower campaign preparation time, so that one can start profiting right away…

You know what, you’ve got it! RollerAds heeds your calling and suggests trying out their latest feature, named auto-generated creatives. With their help, you can lower campaign creation time up to 60 seconds. Let’s see how they work, what are the pros & cons, and when to apply them.

What is RollerAds

But first, let us introduce RollerAds — an ad network, specializing in Push, OnClick (Popunder), and In-Page Push traffic. RollerAds’ specialists work with Sweepstakes, Utilities, Finances, and other most popular verticals. Tried-and-true ad formats, precise targeting, 24/7 support are just a few reasons to sign up on RollerAds. The network operates on (Smart)CPM and (Smart)CPC pricing models, and is marked by a set of key features:

  • In-house anti-fraud system
  • Advanced optimization algorithms
  • Built-in spy tool
  • Traffic estimator
  • Flexible targeting settings
  • Dedicated support team
  • And, of course, Auto-generated creatives

How Auto-Generated Creatives Work

Making a creative takes time. In the end, you are forced to choose between rushing out the unpolished creatives to get more campaigns or focus on perfecting a picture to win in quality but lose in quantity.

Imagine a tool that dynamically selects the most engaging and effective creatives to ensure your campaign’s CTR is always at its peak performance, regardless of the target zone. Welcome to Auto-Generated Creatives! With access to thousands of continually refreshed creatives, your campaigns will consistently grab attention and drive substantial traffic.

Since the media are subject to change during a campaign, RollerAds refrains from showing them when launching a new one.

It should also be noted, RollerAds does not repurpose the creatives of its own advertisers, so there is no risk of your creatives being exposed without your consent.

The Advantages of Auto-Generated Creatives

CTR-based optimization: auto-generation optimizes the creatives to achieve top CTR for each individual zone and not to just match a particular offer. The main goal here is the campaign efficiency instead of eye-pleasing visual matching.

Cost efficiency: by using auto-creatives, you pay less for more traffic for a selected zone. It is possible, thanks to the fact that auto-generated creatives have high CTR guaranteed.

Stability and predictability: a key advantage of auto-creatives is the traffic volume, which does not depend on how successful was the test of a creative. Auto-generated creatives already enjoy high estimate in our rotation, which is why your job is to simply set up the desired bid, budget, and frequency to manage the traffic volume.

Limitless combination testing: the system checks thousands of creative variations for each zone separately. Such amount of testing simply cannot be done manually.

Quick adjustments to the campaigns: if you want to change the traffic volume, just change your frequency and bid.

Complements other optimization features: if you want to maximize your campaign profit, then use auto-creatives together with traffic presets, which pick only the most converting zones automatically.

When to Use Auto-Creatives

Auto-generated creatives do have some limitations; but let’s go through the main cases when they can help you out:

  1. You’ve been working with Software & Utilities or plan to try them out (perhaps even after reading this article)
  2. Your offer does not require you to place a brand logo in a creative or use a certain color palette
  3. You launch an offer for GEOs, the languages of which you do not understand
  4. You want to automate campaign creation with no damage to its quality or affordability

Auto-creatives are limited to Software & Utilities… for the time being. But RollerAds works on expanding the feature to include other verticals as well. If you are obliged to use a specific brand logo, certain colors, or exact words, then the feature will not be so useful, since the AI can’t input such details.

Experience Auto-generated Creatives yourself. Sign up, access the complete setup manual, and start running your campaigns today.