How to bypass blocking of Ad account?

Today we will discuss 3 questions:

  1. What is Safe Page in traffic arbitrage?
  2. Why is a Cloak needed?
  3. How our service will help you with this!?

1. What is Safe Page in traffic arbitrage?

Safe Page – is an arbitrage term that refers to the page that a bot and moderator gets to when checking an advertising campaign. Safe Pages help bypass restrictions associated with prohibited goods, services or content: casinos, betting, adult, etc. Some search engines and social networks are also suspicious of crypto.

Safe Pages contains content that is permitted by the advertising policy of the site or search engine. But then the question arises: if the moderator sees a “white” product, and prohibited goods are advertised, then what does the user see when he clicks on the advertisement, and where can he get that very forbidden one? And here webmasters use Cloak and Black Pages.

2. Why is a Cloak needed?

In affiliate marketing, cloaking refers to the practice of showing different content to bots, moderators  and real users. It involves serving one version of a web page to bots and moderators and another version to real visitors. Bots and moderators will see safe page and real users – offer page.

3. How can Ads Approved help you with this!?

Ads Approved service solves these two problems at once! The client receives a turnkey Safe Page, along with a trusted domain and built-in AI Cloak. He just needs to insert a link to the offer page and he can start traffic, so technical knowledge is not needed for setup.

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  • Fully responsible website with unique content.
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👍 Build-in AI Cloak in Safe Page

Their Professional Filtering Platform effectively sieves out bots spammers, and undesired visitors, directing them to secure pages, while authentic clients explore your enticing offer pages.

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Upon purchasing a plan, you’ll promptly receive your secure page (including domain and login credentials) within a mere 10 minutes, along with detailed usage instructions.

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