Top 12 Affiliate Networks. Their advantages.

Top 12 Affiliate Networks:

  1. Lemonad
  3. Everad
  4. LosPollos
  5. One Partners
  6. Trafee
  7. RevenueLab
  8. CashFactories
  9. ProfitPay
  10.  MoneyRush
  11.  ActiveRevenue DSP
  12.  DepHouse
  1. Lemonad

Lemonad is a direct advertiser with 1000+ unique offers in Africa, Asia, Latam and Arab countries.

Lemonad has been on the market for 10 years. And they know exactly what you want:

▪️ native call centers that guarantee you the highest approval rate;

▪️ payments on the day of request;

▪️ individual bumps;

▪️ rare geos with cheap traffic;

▪️ new offers are released every day;

▪️ help with creatives and their localization.


SERIOUS.PARTNERS is an international partner network that has been providing affiliates with comfortable conditions in working with traffic since 2011. SERIOUS.PARTNERS works with the verticals of gambling and betting, dating, SP and mVAS.

The main advantages when working with SERIOUS.PARTNERS are professional support for affiliates through a mentoring system, free promotional materials, an individual approach and the presence of its own application development department.

SERIOUS.PARTNERS uses a large set of tools that make life easier for affiliates. In your personal account, you can find landing pages (ready-made or on an individual request), domain parking, a list of IP operators, Trafficback and detailed statistical data collection systems.

The partner network is open to cooperation and creates favorable conditions for the work of affiliates who are ready to increase traffic. SERIOUS.PARTNERS, in turn, guarantees partners constant payments, high rates, individual approach and 24/7 support.

  1. Everad

Everad is a top-tier affiliate program and direct advertiser operating in the nutra vertical. We are a major affiliate marketing player with over 200,000 webmasters that’s been a prominent market participant for over 10 years now.  


  • Direct advertiser. Everad has over 400 offers, with each one being original. These are high-quality and unique products that can be promoted under the best conditions;
  • Big and comfortable payouts. Everad works without intermediaries and offers high payouts of up to $49 per lead. The payments are fast, and there is a wide selection of payment methods;
  • Our own call center. Everad call centers staffed by native speakers have been operating for over 10 years. During this time, our team has developed unique scripts and managed to maximize the approval rate;
  • Large GEO coverage. Everad covers over 45 relevant GEOs in Asia, Europe and Latin America. The list of available GEOs is constantly increasing, enable our affiliates to scale their activities;  
  • Convenient way to process data. Our affiliate program collects comprehensive stats in real time, generates user-friendly reports, and reliably controls every click using internal technology of our own platform;  
  • Comprehensive support. Each affiliate gets ready-made landing pages that have been adapted to their GEO, the unique Boost technology for automatically bumping up to 20% and access to an experienced tech support service that is here to solve whatever issues you might encounter and help you out with launching campaigns. 

Everad offers unique conditions, exclusive offers and an attentive support team – only the best terms for our partners to maximize profits! 

  1. LosPollos

LosPollos is an affiliate network that has been on the market since 2015.

While the affiliate program initially had a strong focus on the dating vertical, it has since expanded to offer thousands of exclusive offers across various highly profitable sectors. LosPollos is particularly renowned for its Smartlinks, and is considered the ultimate tool for monetizing and pre-monetizing mixed traffic.

Currently, 1,000+ direct advertisers and 100,000+ webmasters are registered with LosPollos. With a staggering 2 billion unique monthly visitors, Smartlinks are catering to all major verticals.


1. Automatic traffic monetization

LosPollos Smartlinks are based on an algorithm that automatically analyzes traffic parameters and selects the most relevant offer. With lightning speed, artificial intelligence determines the user’s GEO, language, device type, browser, and operating system. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly trial-and-error testing and optimization.

2. Extensive Vertical Selection:

LosPollos Smartlinks contains over 10,000 offers from the following verticals: Dating, Mainstream (sweepstakes), Crypto, Gambling, Casual Dating, Cams, Adult Games and Gay Dating.

3. In-House Multilingual Landing Pages:

The platform offers pre-made, tested landing pages that excel at converting traffic.

4. Weekly payouts:

LosPollos has no hold period, and withdrawals are available on a weekly basis.

5. Global monetization

The affiliate program accepts mixed traffic from different sources: SEO, forums, push notifications, email newsletters, and social networks. Residual traffic can also be directed towards the Smartlink.

6. More than 200 countries

More than a thousand advertisers worldwide are registered on the platform, so affiliates successfully monetize traffic from 200+ GEOs.

7. Quality support

User reviews consistently highlight the efficiency and attentiveness of LosPollos’ support team. Account managers are always prepared to offer assistance when needed.

  1. One Partners

One Partners is an affiliate network specializing in monetizing traffic within the gambling and betting offer verticals. With a vast network of 250+ direct offers worldwide, the company offers a diverse range of opportunities for affiliate marketers. They accept various traffic sources, including TikTok, Facebook, streaming platforms, and collaborations with influencers. Media buyers partnering with One Partners gain access to a range of valuable resources and support. They provide free promotional materials, apps, dedicated assistance, and access to a referral program. The network offers flexible cooperation options, including CPA and CPL. You can withdraw your earnings to a card, e-wallet, or in USDt.


– At the beginning of their partnership, affiliates may receive payout rate bumps.

– The network offers a range of free creatives and apps to facilitate marketers’ work. 

– Additionally, affiliates have the option to request custom-made creatives from One Partners’ designer based on their specific requirements.

One Partners provides free tutorials on how to effectively work with platforms like Facebook and UAC.

One Partners allows affiliates to integrate their own apps and trackers.

One Partners provides daily payouts.

– The network organizes weekly promotions and maintains a referral program. 

– Affiliates can work with direct offers that are licensed locally.

-We updates the list of top offers every week.

  1. Trafee

Trafee is the leading European affiliate network in Dating, iGaming, sweepstakes, and cams verticals! Let’s explore the reasons why Trafee is the top choice for affiliates:

  1. Exclusive and VIP Offers from Direct Advertisers: We understand the importance of quality offers that convert. That’s why we provide exclusive and VIP offers from direct advertisers, giving you access to the most lucrative opportunities in the market.
  2. SmartLink Technology: Our cutting-edge SmartLink system, powered by artificial intelligence, automatically matches your traffic with the most relevant and high-converting offers. 
  3. Wide Range of Commission Models: We offer a diverse selection of commission models, including CPA, CPL, and RevShare, ensuring you can choose the model that suits your business goals and revenue objectives.
  4. Fast, Reliable, and User-Friendly Platform: Our platform is designed to provide a seamless and efficient experience for our affiliates. With Trafee, you can easily navigate through our intuitive interface, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
  5. Personal Affiliate Managers: Our dedicated account managers are here to provide personalized support and guidance. Whether you need assistance getting started or optimizing your campaigns, our team is always ready to help you succeed.
  6. Guaranteed High Weekly Payouts from $100: With Trafee, you can always enjoy high and stable weekly payouts through major global payment systems. This ensures you receive your earnings quickly and consistently, providing a reliable and steady income while you work.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Trafee has earned international recognition for our exceptional reputation, high payouts, and outstanding customer support. We are committed to developing and supporting high-performance traffic management systems to ensure your success.

RevenueLab is your trusted partner in the iGaming industry! With a strong reputation and extensive experience, we are here to help you maximize your earnings and take your affiliate marketing game to new heights.

Here are 7 reasons why you should start working with us:

1. Over 1200 iGaming brands: With such a vast selection of brands, you’ll have ample opportunities to monetize your traffic and boost your earnings.

2. USA online gambling license: Our trusted network holds a valid license in the USA, giving you peace of mind and opening up lucrative possibilities in this market.

3. Romanian license: We also have a license in Romania, ensuring a legal and compliant partnership that attracts quality players.

4. 20+ payment methods for all campaigns: We understand the importance of offering diverse payment options. With over 20 methods available, you can cater to a wider audience and increase your conversions.

5. Up-to-date statistics on 1 dashboard: Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with our real-time campaign statistics, conveniently displayed on one easy-to-read dashboard.

6. Consolidated payments in preferred currency: Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple payments from various casinos. At RevenueLab, we consolidate all your payments into one, and you can choose your preferred currency.

7. Personalized expertise from your dedicated manager: When you join RevenueLab, you’ll have a personal manager who will provide you with individual expertise, guidance, and support every step of the way.

Contact us now and start your journey with RevenueLab today!

CashFactories is an international Nutra CPA network. Specialize in various niches, from weight loss to adult products. COD in priority, but also running CPL, SS, and TRIAL.

Main geos – Europe, Asia, LATAM, and Africa. CashFactories product team constantly expanding and opening new GEOs with in-house native call centers. That allow to give quality offers and top payouts, not available to ordinary resellers.

Support is guaranteed for every partner:

– webmasters can quickly access offers through API or internal link, by downloading ready-made landing pages and uploading them to their tracker

– product owners will receive tons of quality FB and Native traffic and dedicated manager

The personal account already has a built-in tracker with powerful functionality, as well as cloaking capabilities.

CashFactories is a network for those who want to successfully promote their business online or make money with profitable offers. With our strong team of media buyers and a focus on long-term collaboration, we are ready to help advertisers and webmasters to achieve their goals and grow their business.

ProfitPay is a direct nutra advertiser CPA network in Europe. Our profitable offers are presented in Poland and Czech Republic.

  • Own call centers with natives. We are proud of AR – from 55%;
  • High rates from the very beginning – up to $40. We care about your ROI and give you very good conditions on the market.;
  • Assistance in choosing an offer. We always propose a promising offer;
  • Exclusive offers. We are ready to introduce EXCLUSIVE products for your teams;
  • Approve guarantee. Our approve rate is high & stable – we “guarantee” it;
  • Marketing consulting. Our team will make the profitable landings that will convert into many leads;
  • Loyalty system. You get access to our loyalty system with plenty of gifts.

Sign up today, write promocode ProfitList to your manager and get +2$ to rates for all in-house offers. Monetize your nutra traffic with leaders!

MoneyRush is a fast-growing private affiliate network in fx/crypto. Community of top IT professionals who offer effective win-win strategies to generate joint profits.

We provide quality services in fx/crypto in the traffic market:

-Generation of leads for any request for any GEO

-We act as guarantors of deals

-Create effective, working strategies

-We are an advertiser and have a large list of partners for the realization of hot leads.

-Provide our own creatives for attracting leads (funnels, prelends, lends)

For Webmasters : We highlight only the best of the best in finance and crypto, creating a base of real working, expert teams you can trust.

For advertisers : We work directly with major players in the crypto vertical, with established trust in the market, large budgets in order to build a seamless interaction between participants.


  • Own MBD and Call Centers

Our media buying department and call center gives us an advantage in fulfilling your request of any complexity.

  • Result Marketing Chips

Our marketing department is always in trend and we are ready to provide you with a tested working creative upon request. Funnels, pre-landers, analytics.

  • Traffic quality control

Our closed CRM system allows us to analyze and process the leads you need clearly according to your requirements.

  • Quality and terms of the deal

Any transaction for us has the highest priority, so we guarantee the performance of our services on time and provide all the necessary analytics at your request.

  • Multi Geography

Our web teams work with more than 120 countries and we guarantee that we will satisfy your request by 99%.

  • User verify system

Before starting cooperation, we carefully check each client in order to avoid scam and maintain the trust of our partners.

  • Fast & Secure Payments

We cooperate with world payment systems. We guarantee you timely and fast payouts in any requested currency. No commission.

  • Fraud control

We work only with trusted teams and act as a guarantor of each transaction. In a way we cover all costs.

Don’t hold – let’s talk!

ActiveRevenue DSP is a self-serve advertising platform for affiliates, media buyers, and agencies who are looking to reach targeted customers on the web and in apps across all devices. Founded in 2013, the company is now one of the biggest traffic providers with 1Bln+ monthly audience reach and thousands of advertising campaigns launched daily. Here is everything you need for both seasoned affiliate marketers and beginners.

  • The best CPM and CPC prices.
  • Granular targeting, and multiple optimization capabilities.
  • High-performing ad formats: Push, Floating Push, Pop, and Zeroclick.
  • All top verticals – Gambling, Betting, Crypto, Dating, Adult, Nutra, Gaming, Antivirus, and more.
  • Worldwide traffic.
  • Referral program.
  • Dedicated Account Managers and reliable customer support to assist you every step of the way.

Moreover, if you join ActiveRevenue now, you get 20% cashback on your 1st deposit. Just top up your balance, contact your account manager (or send an email to, and grab your bonus. 

DEPHOUSE is an affiliate program in the gambling and betting verticals. It has its product and 100+ offers from affiliates. They cooperate on CPA and RevShare models.


A team of experts with deep market experience

Affiliate managers have advanced practical skills in traffic leading; they can give practical advice;

100+ Offers;

Exclusive and custom offers by affiliates request;

Accept traffic from 25+ countries;

Have their own product.

The project was launched in 2022 by a team with a huge experience in the affiliate industry. Therefore, the company apprehends all the traffic arbitrage peculiarities and tries to deliver the proper conditions and tools to earn more: help to launch and advise on offers, attractive GEOs, detailed analytics, and support. Shortly, the DEPHOUSE team has big plans to open new exclusive GEOs, as well as launch a variety of their products.

You can always get more information from DEPHOUSE affiliate managers. As long as they are highly experienced in traffic-leading, you can ask any question and get a practical answer and a piece of advice. Don’t waste your time in hesitation; write straight ahead and get access to exclusive offers with the best conditions!


 – Personal manager

 – Telegram: @v_gusakovsky
Sign up for DEPHOUSE: