Welcome to a world where Gambling and EdTech meet innovation and genuine partnership. TRAFFLAB is not just another CPA network. It’s a place where the company takes on the role of a bridge between powerful and dynamic verticals, offering not just services, but comprehensive solutions for the growth and prosperity of its partners.

TRAFFLAB boasts its own developed CRM system that allows detailed accounting of payouts for each deposit, adding transparency and control over financial flows. Moreover, it’s currently undergoing a visual upgrade to become even more eye-pleasing. The company has well-established front offices: affiliate managers and sales managers work directly with affiliates and advertisers, while internal analytics and media buying departments constantly work on improving, optimizing, and scaling traffic, ensuring your tracker shows positive results.

Youth vs. Experience: The TRAFFLAB Advantage

Despite its relatively young age (nearly 2 years), TRAFFLAB demonstrates advantages often missing in more established market players. Unlike the “big guys” who may forget the importance of communication and support, TRAFFLAB values every interaction with webmasters.

The team pays close attention to market analysis and feedback from partners, shaping offers that are truly in demand. In selecting offers, the company is guided not only by current trends but also by the real utility for affiliates. The selection of partners and brands is a process that requires attention to detail and a strategic approach. The company assesses the reputation, potential of products, and the conditions offered by brands, aiming to maximize traffic realization. All this is done considering the internal requirements and goals of partners. Special attention is given to the convenience and interests of end-users, ultimately contributing to increased conversion.

If partners need a specific brand or a trending offer, TRAFFLAB is ready to provide the best solution for their request, not just “hyped” and unnecessary offers.

The Beginning

TRAFFLAB was founded less than two years ago, but the idea of creating a high-quality, transparent, and effective affiliate program had been maturing much longer. The company aimed to offer the market something that was missing: a service without hidden commissions, with open traffic distribution, and technological innovations. Today, TRAFFLAB stands as one of the leaders in providing quality services to affiliates and advertisers, creating the most transparent and advantageous conditions for collaboration.

Partnership Terms

TRAFFLAB proves its leadership not just in words, but in action, offering partners the most beneficial and competitive terms. If partners see potential for improvement, they are ready to meet halfway, offering individual solutions and striving for the best conditions for each collaboration.

*TRAFFLAB only accepts partners with experience in the gambling vertical. If an affiliate has minimal experience in traffic work, they will consider activating an account in the EdTech direction.

EdTech: Opening New Horizons in Education

TRAFFLAB pays special attention to the development of the EdTech vertical. The company sees this direction as a promising field for innovation and growth and is convinced that EdTech is an area where one can start without deep preliminary knowledge and extensive experience, unlike the more demanding gambling vertical.

A key feature of EdTech at TRAFFLAB is the collaboration not just with infobusiness but primarily with major online schools and educational projects. This allows the company to offer a broader and higher quality range of offers in this area.

TRAFFLAB positions EdTech as an area with great potential and a flexible approach to collaboration:

Low costs on consumables, thanks to the absence of strict advertising restrictions

A wide range of traffic sources

A rich selection of GEOs

A variety of rates and payment models

The collaboration of TRAFFLAB with key players in the educational market. Such as Netology, Yandex Practicum, Skyeng, Lingualeo, underscores the commitment to providing high-quality and sought-after offers in the EdTech sector.

Getting Started and Personal Account

To start collaborating with TRAFFLAB, you need to register on the company’s website. The application form requires your Telegram nickname and name for contact.

New partner approval is done manually. After registration, a manager will contact you to discuss preferred GEOs and traffic sources, to make a relevant selection of offers and conditions for starting work.

A Wide Selection of Offers and Any GEO

The CPA network boasts about 1500 offers for absolutely any GEO, making them one of the most flexible and versatile players in the CPA market.

The company offers offer approval through a personal manager. Who will also keep you informed of any changes in active offers and news. It accepts all types of traffic, clearly standing against fraud and other unethical practices.

TRAFFLAB’s tracking system is integrated with the market’s main trackers, ensuring smooth and efficient work with advertising campaigns. Clients can easily configure their tracker with the help of TRAFFLAB’s technical support. And also have the opportunity to use detailed statistics available in the personal account.