Adscend Media

Adscend Media

Adscend Media (Incentive Friendly) is not your typical affiliate network. While every network makes claims of having the highest rates, the best offers, the best support, and on-time payments – that is only our starting point. We go the extra mile to provide our publishers with a unique service, and we have developed monetization tools that empower affiliates – of any experience level – to produce consistent earnings.

At Adscend Media we cater to publishers across the spectrum of experience, and to publishers in a wide range of verticals, using a wide range of marketing techniques. We maintain an inventory of hundreds of offers, and we take low margins to ensure that you receive high commissions. Adscend Media has content gateway as well.

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20 reviews on “Adscend Media

  1. Great EPC, amazing support, and payments are always on time. I am now moved to bi-weekly.
    I’m making around $4000 a month in CPA.

  2. My first payment from adscend.. also my first time in cpa program.. alhamdulillah.. thanks adscend.. 🙂

  3. AdscendMedia is the best network available to join, iv been with them for over 2 years now and not a single problem and always pay on-time.
    They are just simply perfect and should be No.1

  4. After 2 days working with them i have to say it is a very good Network.
    I think after a lot of optimizing i can reach 100 $/day.

  5. Just a great network iv enjoyed working with them.
    A great team of friendly people.

  6. I had the pleasure of running on adscend media. Good network! Fehzan Ala and Jeremy Bash are doing a good job of trying to build a very good company.
    keep it up guys

  7. There is lots of talk about how Adscend Media is too strict and will hurt you. I think people need to check their traffic before complaining. Im very happy with firm rules if it means I get good results
    Adscend does exactly that results.

  8. Good network. What is there not to like about Adscend! Offers and payouts are ok. support is very good

  9. i applied for the network i got approved.
    good people to work with or tho if your going
    to run a ppd website make sure you know what your getting
    in to we had over 1100$ in reversals because we let a GPT
    website user us as a content locker. – Reason for Reversal
    “Proxy’s & IP Change’s.”
    Support A+
    good site watch out for proxy’s and reversals. only thing i can say
    is when i contacted AdscendShane he was there. we talked. he told me what happened i will still use there network. love the usability of there website.

  10. I tried to work and I liked Adscend. Application was longer and took more than other networks for CPA but it is a very good company.
    If you want to try all of CPA networks for content locking then you should consider this as one you test too!

  11. Secret in these companies is high traffic, I will not be stingy with information you can watch free lessons

  12. Very good network,high payout offer! Amazing!
    I have big EPC and earnings,and If you wanna make money like me I can teach you with my methods.

  13. OFFERS>>>>>>>>>>> 5/5

  14. I vouch for this EXTREMELY EXELENT NETWORK
    “SUPPORT” Especially FEHZAN (CEO of Adscend Media)
    I know it’s low than minimum threshold but the did an exception for me

  15. Honestly theres no other network that can compare to the quality adscend offers, support is top notch and Shane is a great manager to work with. Some of the highest paying offers with great conversion rates. Dont hesitate to join this network you wont regret it.

  16. I have been working with AdscendMedia for a while. I wanna say this is the best network I have ever worked with. Good offer, very good payout. Payment always on time. And extremely kind, perfect, professional AM Ilyssa Cohen. She’s never missed any questions from me.

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