ApproachX – Dating Affiliate Network made by the biggest affiliates in the industry that have actively generated traffic since 2017

Our benefits:

Exclusive Worldwide Dating Offers
Direct and Smartlink
Industry Leading CR & EPCs
We pay for the easiest actions a user can perform.
No KPIs: Forget about CC submits and LTVs.
Monthly Payouts from $500 by Wise, Wire, Payoneer, Paxum, Bankera, USDT.

Commission Type
Minimum Payment
Payment Method
Payment Frequency

4 reviews on “ApproachX

  1. I am really looking for a way to make extra cash and am just getting into affiliate marketing.

  2. I am really interested but dont know how to start. Can u help me.I am always online wasting time

  3. I didn’t do a lot of work on the CPA offer, but I’ve done a lot of marketing but I’ve left the link spam and i’m interested in marketing

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