Axad Capital

Axad Capital

Axad Capital is a performance marketing agency delivering the best campaigns for Affiliates. Axad|Capital has been redefining the meaning of trust between advertisers and affiliates.

Axad|Capital has the top PPCall and CPA/CPL Offers Available. Sign up and start working with us today.

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19 reviews on “Axad Capital

  1. Some of the conversions went missing. They were sure system would have picked them up. Then we found out hasoffers took longer to update reports! Not anyones fault. But I think they should have trusted my word. Other than that, good network!

  2. Received great support from the affiliate manager. Helped me figure out what traffic source works best for nutra offers and other verticals. Highly recommend joining this CPA network!! A++

  3. this is an amazing network, they always give you what you want,
    join the network. and have a chance of earning.

  4. AXAD is an awesome network! Timely payments. Dedicated support, high performing direct offers and exclusives. They have it all!

  5. Awesome response from Alina, she’s awesome, always there for you… On time payment
    What else you need

  6. Highly recommended Network on time payment alwayz ready to support excellent tracking …Thank you AXAD

  7. I found them legit , professional and amazing people all the time ,Great supporting team, helping all the time one best owner amazing guy , They are paying on time so go with them if you want to grow up and want to make some money & they have great campaigns all the time because they are hardworking

  8. John, Philipp and the team is just superb to work with. Been working with the team since 2018 without a hitch and that only because they are Stand up guys with some really good offers!

  9. AXAD is an amazing network! Fast payments, the best campaigns, and exceptional customer support. I’d recommend all affiliates working with these guys!

  10. AXAD is awesome, I have been working with them for 2 years. Never had an issue. Friendly staff and very reliable!

  11. Excellent pay per call network, highly recommend them, very friendly people, Especially Julia <3

  12. WE was was searching for some good clients because there was too much scamming in these industry At last i found one best Company Axad , they are amazing & professional people they are paying on time they have a great professional team one best owner very nice Guy and they have a very great campaigns all the time because they are hardworking to much

  13. I recommend Axad to all my affiliate friends. High performing offers, dependable payments and excellent customer service. My AM Joe is always responsive and helpful. Five Stars!

  14. Great support from Alina, she’s awesome, always there for you.. ontime payment .. what else you need?

  15. Received a great impact and support from alina she is good with her promises with the business ….love to work with her.

  16. AXAD is an awesome network and timely payments
    Management is very supportive

  17. Trustable client in BPO industry
    Reliable campaigns
    Profitable offers
    Payment on time
    Real time support

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