CrakRevenue is an adult CPA program created by some of the industrie’s biggest affiliates. What separates us from other CPA networks is this: Instead of having hundreds of different offers, we make available only the highest converting products tested over millions of hits by our in-house team. For each offer, we do the hard work of creating custom landing pages and banners that are tweaked for optimal conversion rates. Each affiliate has can use these pages for their own promotional needs. We also specialize in converting that pesky Tier 2 and 3 traffic. We thrive on creating geo-targeted sales pages and giving you access to tools to properly filter your traffic so that a visitor see’s only offers that are available in his country and in his language. Promoting CrakRevenue is really a no-brainer. Plug our ads into your site and watch the money come in.

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24 reviews on “CrakRevenue

  1. I have been working with CrakRevenue for several months, now and I can honestly say than I’m very satisfied so far. And I keep making more money each month. One of the best affiliate network!
    The best personal manager –! I recommend CrakRevenue!

  2. Crakrevenue is by far the best affiliate network.
    1. Lots of verticals and offers.
    2. Good converting Landing Pages.
    3. Tracking is awesome.
    4. Timely payouts.

  3. I have been working with CrakRevenue for several months now. They helped me make lots of money. Amazing support. I love this Affiliate network.

  4. I love working with this network. Their payment duration is high but they pay on time. I am happy to earn more than $20,000 in one year. I will continue to work with them.

  5. CrakRevenue is by hands-down by far the best adult affiliate network EVER!! Decided only to join them a few months back and this is the crazy results I achieved when I just started out!
    1. The widest range of adult verticals and offers.
    2. Super High converting Landing Pages.
    3. Cutting-edge banners and widgets.
    4. Tracking is awesome.
    5. Timely payouts.
    6. Amazing support.
    Signup here get access to my affiliate manager for faster approval, and he will help you with the best converting offers and also bonus tips & tricks!

  6. I have been working with this network for a long time and have made thousands. Good network.

  7. Crakrevenue is one of the best network in CPA market . I have been a member of them for a long time and have made a lot of money.

  8. CrakRevenue is the best platform to earn money everyday without anything to worry about.

  9. Hey everybody!
    This network is really great! It’s one of my first networks! I started a few years ago with affiliate marketing. Today in the next time i will expand my company and rise in that business.

  10. Crakrevenue is the best affiliate network .
    1. Lots of verticals and offers.
    2. Tracking is perfect.
    3. Timely payouts

  11. CrakRevenue has been paying me since 2018. They have the best adult offers in the industry. Very impressed!

  12. 1) Top of the line adult verticals & offers of any CPA networks
    2) Great arsenal of tools and widgets for any offer promotion
    3) Awesome support by the team should you face any issues
    4) Timely payout when it is due
    5) Cool ranking system to see how you fare among other top affiliates
    Get quicker approval from my account manager if you’re interested to join CrakRevenue as well! Cheers!

  13. Friendly and professional team with top converting adult offers. It’s a pleasure to work with CrakRevenue.

  14. CrakRevenue is the best Adult CPA Network in the world
    best Offers, Payout, Tracking, Support is Very Good and Friendly.
    Payments Made on Time.

  15. I just received my second payment from CrakRevenue. Great payouts and lots of high converting offers. So happy to work with them

  16. CrakRevenue is an excellent network and has so many exclusive adult offers. Very trustworthy network and I receive my payment in due time every time.

  17. Crakrevenue is the best adult cpa network, it will be good if it pays weekly! because net30 is so hard for affiliates

  18. CrakRevenue is a well-established affiliate network within the industry and affiliates that have not tried them would be missing out…

  19. Strong offers, fast payments, and helpful affiliate managers are why CrakRevenue is one of my favourite CPA networks.

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