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Envyus Media

The Envyus Media team is both dedicated and committed to providing highest level of service to all of our clients. Whether this entails striving to provide the utmost quality and targeted traffic for our Advertisers or just going above and beyond what’s considered normal in helping our affiliates, we always do what it takes. Always.

A rarity for affiliate networks, we fully understand both sides of the fence thanks to our diverse, knowledgeable and – perhaps most importantly — passionate team. Our primary objective is to work closely with each one of our clients, building a personal relationship of trust and openness existing on both sides. Ultimately, this helps us all achieve our one common goal: prolonged long-term success.

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20 reviews on “Envyus Media

  1. These guys are making a names for themselves right quick. And its easy to see why cuz they treat their affiliates right and go above and beyond the call of duty for them just like they promise they will. Their the real deal for rizzle.

  2. These guys have worked with me from the very beginning when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Now I’m pulling in $200 or so a week and rising fast.
    Theyre all so nice and I have been recomending them whenever and wherever possible.
    Weather youre a new or veteran affiliate you should join up with Envyus Media and you can thank me later!

  3. Cool support !! Great AM.
    They don’t need no most number of offers but they have highly converting offers around . Envyus Brian, Paul and Josh are top notch guy. Check them out

  4. I wasn’t expecting much when I joined up with Envyus as I figured they’d be like all other networks I had ran with. Pleasant suprised and psyched when I discovered how friendly helpful and hardworking they all were.
    Keep up the great work guys!

  5. If you ain’t with Envyus yet than you def need to start doing some research into the best networks in the biz. It don’t get much better than EM in pretty much any & alll areas you could think of.
    And if you haven’t yet heard of Envyus than you better get used to it. These peeps are going places stat. One of the best in the biz in my opinoin.

  6. Nothing new to say that hasnt already been said. The guys @ Envyus are awesome and super helpful. Fun to talk to to boot too! Their reputation on here and all throughout industry speaks for itself. Theyre the best!

  7. top notch network. i run with maxbounty, epic, and now envyus. payment is always on time with envyus and payouts are highest around. they get me several offers in my verticals to split test and make sure i am taken care of. my am is always online and replies quick. some other networks better get their stuff together because its networks like envyus that makes me want to stick around. josh – you rock buddy.

  8. Nothing new to say that hasn’t already been said but Envyus rocks. I’ve just recently started up with them round four months or so ago but since then I have no complaints and have started running with them almost exclusively. They pay on time, there offers and payouts are tops in the biz and everyone Ive dealt with has been extremely pleasant and easy to deal with. I wish a lot more networks were like Envyus Media lets just put it that way!

  9. Envyus Media is the bomb-dizzle. Real talk. Been running with them going on 5 months now and never had any problems, awesome support, super competitive payouts on offers, awesome tracking, quick payments I mean it’s like whatever you need they will legit go above and beyond to do for you. I ain’t got no plans to go anywhere else anytime soon save for a handful of some other networks. But for real, Envyus Media is the shit. If your not an affiliate with them than I don’t really know what ya waiting for!

  10. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? They’ve got a huge pool of offers at super competitive payouts, timely payments, friendly staff and their affiliate emails are by far the most entertaining I’ve ever experienced! Do yourself a favor in this new year and sign up with Envyus today. You certainly won’t be sorry! 🙂

  11. Kept hearing good things about these guys from a bunch of my friends so I caved in and joined and definitely glad I did. They’ve got every angle covered with service and Brian the CEO is approachable and available whenever hes needed. The offer list keeps growing and youll be hard pressed to find better payouts on pretty much all of their offers. Payouts are quick and the different methods definitely gives you some flxebility. Don’t be like me and think its all hype and not join because of this. Envyus is the real deal and I’ve been recomending them to anyone and everyone wholl listen. Keep up the great work fellas! YOU THE BOMB!

  12. Pleasantly surprised with these fellows. Joined recently not expecting too muchh and found some great relatively undiluted offers with excellent payouts. Payout times on the button as well. Going to edit in and upload a payment proof shot as soon as I fgure out how to work this whole friggin thing haha!

  13. Got accepted with Envyus Media a few months ago and have been so impressed with their service and offer listings. Timely payouts aren’t too shabby either, haha! 🙂

  14. So many reviews on there an prob 80% are people posting their own reviews. Site is pretty clean though and if you run volune I Know you have heard of envyus. They are top dogs, handle business, and cash flow is strong. My boy brian has been running things strong since he starred it and he now has other companies in the spsace protecting their networks from dirty scrunvads that push thei rshitty traffic and think they are going to get paid.
    Get with it. run with a network that had money and is legit. Lok of peopl waste they time with these noname, fly by night, 10 dollars in tbe bank networks being run from their mama kitchen table. whatever, you arell wonder why one day you dont get your paid and you can’t by theat xboax game to keep you happy for 3 weeks.
    I mm not even talking small networks, some of these big guys are doing some much shady shit they cant even afford co cuagh up the dought whwn they get possed. Stick with people that they know wtf is goi9ng on. Briabn is aoog people.

  15. Work with Kenny and Jerry. You won’t regret it. Those guys have some fire memes.

  16. Made a lot with envyus. Big man brian is great; Jerry and Butt are always good for a laugh and some advice. They’ll go out of their way to get you offers you want — 10/10

  17. Envyus is the best; I’ve made a comfortable enough salary to move into several verticals and expand my business because these guys always pay me on time (making it easy to plan out my spend)
    11/10 for great service and good people.

  18. Well built network with amazing support and various payout options but it appears their offers did not convert well for my traffic.

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