Multilogin has again solidified its position as the safest and most secure stealth browser with its latest multicores release. This newest addition means users can now run browser profiles on different browser versions with the corresponding browser core – reducing detectability and protecting against account bans. Here’s how it works.

What is the importance of browser cores?
The average user of Multilogin is using our software to grow their business through running multiple accounts, into as much as the hundreds or even thousands.

Our virtual browser profiles each have their own distinct and unique browser fingerprint (the collection of information which forms a trackable identity of you online). This means that – unlike many of our competitors – we don’t block third parties from reading the fingerprint, but rather allow them to read it as a genuine, native device.

Among the elements that make up your browser fingerprint is your browser core.

This makes it of high importance to your detectability, but the understanding of that has changed over time. To demonstrate the importance of our new multicores release, let’s have a quick look at how understanding of fingerprinting in relation to browser cores has evolved. We’ll then return to our current understanding and explain how our update will help protect against account bans. 1

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