OpenAFF is the first technology affiliate network, using artificial intelligence technologies in processing incoming traffic to achieve better conversion rates. With years of experience and working with large volumes of traffic, OpenAFF offers the best CPA, CPL, and CRG terms from direct advertisers to their partners.

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6 reviews on “OpenAFF

  1. This is like Adcenter, all credit card fraudsters listen, sales will be quiet every month and next thing you know, because they don’t watch, stop cheating stupidly

  2. It took me a couple days at the start to get the hang of the main aspects of driving traffic here. I find several interesting offers with decent payouts. I try to keep all my manager’s tips in mind, it really makes scaling my campaigns and profits easier. Haven’t went into the red once yet.

  3. A powerful program with a bunch of unique products. My initial test budgets were small, got pretty good results. What’s really nice is that this affiliate program can handle large amounts of traffic, good for the heavy-hitters. I reccomend it.

  4. Stable payouts – that’s the real reason I drive my traffic here. The hold times are bearable and my turnover is large-scale enough to cover all the expenses no prob. The smartlink also helps me scale my profits.

  5. What can I say about openaff except that it’s a great affiliate program that never lets you down and makes sure to stick to its obligations.
    All sorts of feaures that helps make even more money. I can safely recommend it.

  6. I’ve been with this guys for a while, it’s really been a pleasant experience through and through. Plenty of offers to choose from, above-average ratings too. No issues with payments and the managers are always ready to help

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