Having started our journey in affiliate marketing more than 10 years ago, PayV team knows very well the needs of every affiliate marketer.

You are going to love it:
1) fast payments;
2) exclusive offers;
3) experienced and dedicated support team;
4) top niches;
5) new offers upon request.

Top verticals:
CBD, gaming, nutra, health, beauty, e-commerce, mobile CPI, sweepstakes.

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13 reviews on “PayV

  1. Very nice network, for many offers they have great payouts and i really like manager´s support (that helped me more than once after hours and on weekends). A really must for those who deals with mobile traffic.

  2. We’ve been working with WapEmpire for three months now. It’s been all good business. They pay on time, support is really good and they really put a lot of effort for finding the right offers for your traffic. highly recommended.

  3. Used to work with them for a couple of years, then had a pause. In August I really needed money because of COVID lockdown and asked them to pay what they owed me, but it seems they had some issues and couldn’t pay all amount at once. You can imagine I wasn’t really happy about it. However, the manager offered to pay in parts. After the first transfer I awkwardly resumed one of my old adult smartlink campaigns, and with the next payment they covered a part of the debt, as agreed. So I decided to start a couple of new campaigns (pretty good results on my traffic, btw), and the guys continued to pay me. For now they almost have all my previous debt covered. Took several months, but well, at first I wasn’t even sure there is chance to get my money 🙂
    Long story short, I know I can trust them.

  4. Nice network. I work with CBD offers smartlink, I like that they pay when I ask. Offers are good and I love high commissions.

  5. Good network. I like support. Olga is one of my best managers. She is always helpful and ready to reply whenever I contact her.
    I give 5 points to the offers because they add exactly what I ask and give me higher rate than another network that I work with.
    Payments are sometimes delayed for several days, but on the other hand, they pay to me when I need money.
    All in all, I can recommend Payv.

  6. good network, i’m with them 4 months, made profit from smartlinks and Aliexpress

  7. Can’t say anything bad yet, I’m just starting with them. The first impression – OK, the managers seem to be adequate, the approval is fast. What I liked is that, firstly, there are a lot of offers to choose and secondly, they keep asking what I want and promise to find an offer based on my requests. Individual approach, I can say so. Let’s see how it works out

  8. A really good network for CPI offers! Personally I work with SEA region and I run traffic with the smartlink. Some conversions they pay as little as $0.01 but also there are good ones with $1 per conversion. Overall I like the fast payments even if I don’t earn a minimal withdrawal amount and support is also very pleasant guys.

  9. I love this program!
    I own a review blog, and Payv offered me cooperation. So we agreed on a review, and in about 2 weeks they sent me some CBD oil and flower samples. Not only the samples themselves are of great quality, but I’ve also already got over $1000 from my affiliate link. Awwwwsome!

  10. Many offers, average rates but you can ask to raise them, friendly support and I especially like that they pay when I ask, not when it is convenient for them.
    Sometimes they reply not so fast to my emails, but on skype – okay.

  11. Came to Payv because a friend recommended it. I was looking for a network to monetize adult traffic in Muslim countries. As you know, not many have good offers for that thing. Payv has and they also gave me some hot texts in Arab language for my creatives. After like 2 months the guys raised my payout rate, much appreciated when a network can do it without begging them! I recommend Payv.

  12. I hut love the guys. For me it’s the only alternative to Revoffers. I love the products they have, I love the brands and of course I love revshare rates.
    If you like me have an MJ or CBD blog, PayV is totally recommended!
    Thank you guys, many love!

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