ProfitPay is an affiliate network of direct advertiser. Despite the fact, that the company has recently entered the market, it now has more than 5 years of experience in the business of selling goods.

The main feature of the ProfitPay affiliate program is, that it presents fresh and exclusive offers, which are written by an internal team of copywriters.

In addition, the company tests all creatives with its own media buying department, and only the best of them get into the public.

At the moment in ProfitPay you will be able to find offers for such GEO: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy.

The company’s office is located in Warsaw, so we have first-hand news about the Polish market and its features. Moreover, ProfitPay is the leader here and offers higher rates than any other affiliate programme.

Commission Type
Minimum Payment
Payment Method
CapitalistWire TransferBank CardUSDT (TRC20)
Payment Frequency
Upon Request

21 reviews on “ProfitPay

  1. I’m satisfied wiith Profitpay. You should choose them if you’re looking not for exotic geos, but for high bids. Well, a direct advertiser never killed nobody. Products convert really good, promos are also given. Possible to make profit

  2. Profitpay’s offers are great in terms of profit. I don’t know the reason but it was this affiliate network that allowed me to make a lot of profit. Bids and commissions are raised with the volume. Really motivates

  3. I have experience with profitpay. I was skeptical at first, I did not expect anything new from a relatively young affiliate program. Six months have passed since then and I will say that working her is a comfortable experience. Tasty exclusives, timely payouts, support seven days a week (didn’t check at night yet). We’ll see how it goes, but so far 9 out of 10

  4. Whatever people say, nutra is currently the most stable vertical. I set out looking for something new. Tried out profitpay, successfully if I do say so myself. The team is qualified, the platform is convenient to use, plenty to choose from. That’s why I started driving traffic here. 7 months ago. Nothing’s changed. I’d also like to add that the spy tool they got here is sick. You can request withdrawals once a day. Not planning on slowing down

  5. I’ve been driving my traffic here for 18 months now. They got a large pool of new offers that you won’t find anywhere else and the payouts are pretty generous too. Thumbs’ing it up and telling all my friends about this place

  6. I enjoyed working with these guys. The payouts are pretty large, they are willing to bump them even higher and they’re all on time too. IMHO, the strongest suit of this affiliate program are the offers that you won’t find with their competitors

  7. A major advantage of profitpay is their high-quality promo materials. I can use then without needing to worry that the conversion rate will suffer as a result. Also them having their own spy service is a great feature too.

  8. I can say that the affiliate program has a completely unique approach to nutra. They provide a lot of offers in areas that are rarely seen in other APs, such as hair products or hearing aids, and all of these perform quite well.

  9. I’m no expert, but I feel like nutra is a much easier place for a newbie to start. And while they’ll be getting the hang of things, their profits will scale. I also drive traffic to profitplay, they got decent default payouts, and you can always try to negotiate a raise

  10. I’m really glad success didn’t go to their head. In the last couple of years, I’ve been noticing that a lot with new affiliate programs. Got decent conditions for my nutra offers that I promote in quite local GEOs (most of them). No shaving or bullcrap like that. I wouldn’t mind the program becoming a bit more technologically advanced, with more tools. But that’s just for the wishlist, in no way a compaint

  11. Slimming and rejuvenation have come in well lately. They recently opened Italy for work, it is very interesting how it will show itself

  12. I have been working with them for a long time, everything is fine. We work on the same terms as they promised me before registration. It’s a pity that they removed one of my favorite offers, although it will obviously not be a problem to find an alternative. There are plenty of options here.

  13. This is a good affiliate network in the nutra vertical. They have a clear interface, many offers and tools, and responsive support. An additional plus is the openness of the affiliate network to consultations and training in general. If you have live traffic, then I recommend profitpay as proven guys

  14. I have been running traffic with Profitpay for over a year now. I bet on fresh offers that I have not seen anywhere else. I was not disappointed, author’s products together with high-quality landing pages are doing a good job.

  15. I’ve also been launching traffic with these guys for more than a month. I want to say that it’ s a good choice. I compared profitpay and three other partners and profitpay showed the best results in the split. The personal account is convenient, I didn’t need to often contact support with questions on navigation. The guys paid in the currency I preferred.

  16. The main advantages are high quality of the offers and the regularity of payments. Not all affiliate networks can offer you a daily withdrawal, so it’ s a big advantage

  17. The guys don’t have the greatest number of GEOs, but all of them are cool. There is a lot to choose from for different approaches. Profitpay has no problems with conversion, so I recommend you to try it.

  18. In addition to my main profit, I also collect coins for the internal store. Several times I picked up cool gadgets for myself – small things, but nice.When you take into account all the advantages of the network – bets, bonuses, and support – you understand why I chose it.

  19. I am very glad I chose profitpay when I first started and had a limited budget. The competent team helped me adapt to geo, helped me with landing pages and pre-branding. I can also say that their exclusive offers are awesome.

  20. I am suspicious about signing up for new affiliate networks. It was interesting to try their offers, and my curiosity took over. It’s nice that they gave me a guarantee of approval, such things add confidence. So far I’m satisfied, everything is fairly stable. The rates are high enough and you can expand without much effort.

  21. I interested you selling your product so plzz give me your product buy link and you product details

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