Pulsar Ads

Pulsar Ads

The company Pulsar Ads was founded in 2017. The Affiliate Program launched the same year was intended to break down the rules of affiliate partnership as the main principle of Pulsar Ads was to provide Affiliates with offers from Advertisers directly without any mediation. That helped to increase profit from traffic considerably and to bring lots of other advantages for Affiliates we’ll highlight further in this article.

Since that time, Pulsar Ads gained the reputation of a reliable Affiliate Program which offer covers almost every type of traffic and all GEOs around the world.

What’s so beneficial in partnering with Pulsar Ads?

As for Affiliates, there are several benefits they may appreciate in Pulsar Ads.

• Provision of the top EPCs on the market.
• Fastest payouts ever.
• High rates and exclusive offers for the most loyal partners.
• Involving not only targeted traffic but also post-install events.

As you may know, choosing the right GEO is essential for Affiliates. So, in Pulsar Ads, you have a great variety of options for this.

Commission Type
Minimum Payment
Payment Method
Payment Frequency

20 reviews on “Pulsar Ads

  1. A great company that has never disappointed me.
    Doing good results with these guys!

  2. Really like this network, good conditions for partners who show results
    Payment is fast enough and always without delays
    Enjoy it

  3. I have been working with them for more than three years. Their offers are special, with a very high conversion rate, and they have very strong support
    Most important of all is the speed of their payments.

  4. I received my first payment with this network, it’s nice that there were no delays.
    My manager Ivan always answers me quickly, thanks a lot for such speed and willingness to help me and solve all technical problems if needed!

  5. One of the best paying affiliate networks. Payments are always on time and good affiliate support.
    Totally recommended.

  6. This is my favorite affiliate network becuase it has alot of Geo and alot of offers to pick with decent amount of payout!!! I never had issue with the platform and I don’t think anyone will have

  7. Pulsar Ads is the best CPA network from everything I’ve seen good support, always helpful, payments on time which is really awesome!!!

  8. The network got incredible selections of offers in every vertical, with the highest payouts out there. Payments always on point.
    Highly recommended network!

  9. One of my favorite affiliate network, always paid quickly, a lot of verticals I work with.
    Very solid

  10. Its great working experience of working with Pulsar
    They have flexible managers who are always available to answer any questions and help process payments
    Excellent performances

  11. Simply the best CPA network! Good offers, high offer rates, high CR and on time payments. Totally recommended.

  12. Working with Pulsar Ads for the first month. Only positive emotions so far.
    Great support, offers and payouts! We will continue to work with this company

  13. Very good affiliate network. A lot of different offers to promote. Good support and many payment options.
    Great network overall.

  14. Great network. I have found so many good campaigns here and support from team is quick. I didn’t regret that I started cooperation with Pulsar ads!

  15. One of the best affiliate network out there! A lot of different campaigns, excellent payouts and a great manager who will always help in any matter. Thank you!

  16. Good offers, high payout, good AM support and on time payments.
    Can’t ask for more.
    Highly recommend to everyone.

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