Triad Media

Triad Media

Triad Media Inc. is a full-service online marketing and advertising company. Triad Media Affiliate Network was built to monetize advertisement impressions for its affiliates and publishers.

We have effectively turned this goal into a reality by providing leading edge, exclusive performance based offers with top industry payouts. Partnering with Triad Media provides instant access to a robust suite of ads, custom selected to yield the variety and flexibility needed to effectively maximize your ad inventory.

Commission Type
Minimum Payment
$100 – $250
Payment Method
CheckWireACH (Direct Deposit)PayPal
Payment Frequency

21 reviews on “Triad Media

  1. Zach is a good guy, he support me with the best and I got payment on time.
    I got paid for March already, triad pay me on time on 14 every month.

  2. You’ve got money from Triad Media!
    Great !!!
    I checked my email today and I happy when I received this inform.
    Triad Media is a great network.
    Thank you so much !!

  3. Zach represents Triad Media. He’d go the distance to his Publishers. One of the great Affiliate Manager and best Network to do business with.

  4. I highly recommend Triad Media. Because of excellent offers, payouts and they always pay on time.
    If you are not getting on time just contact Zach he will make things easiest for you to get paid exact on time. 😉

  5. Dear Zach,
    I want to ask about payment of May, I still don’t receive it at the moment.
    Please help me look into it now.
    Thank you so much !

  6. Hello Zachary
    My account was hacked i sent mail to you & complement department but i did’t get any response from you i am worried about my payment please help me .

  7. Dear Zach,
    I’m trying to contact with you via Email, please respond my email.
    Payments of July, it has been processed?
    I still don’t have it, please help me look into my payments now.
    Thank you so much !

  8. triadmedia is a great network, I don’t have any issue about payment with them. I always get paid on time from them

  9. I would formally like to amend my opinion from before. They have finally issued me payment DESPITE the advertiser failing to pay them. I firmly believe that TRIAD MEDIA is a great company and would appreciate a deletion of my previous comments. Zach is a good, but very busy, AM. Let’s hope triad continues to pay out and stays an outstanding network unlike many of the ones out there!
    Attached is payment proof.

  10. Zach is good AM there if you have payment issue you can contact him. He always helpful and they send payment always on time.
    I highly recommend this network.

  11. Hey zach My name: Nguyen, Aff ID: 122978. I want to let you know that i have not received your payment since august. I tried to contact you by mail, phone, am but you seem was out of office. Please read this comment and help me process my payment Thanks and happy thankgiving day!

  12. Hi everybody,
    Anyone have got payment of June from Zach? I was trying to contact with him twice via Email but didn’t receive email reply. Maybe He is busy for holiday.
    Dear Zach, if you got this massage, please help me on my payment.
    Thank you so much !

  13. I got paid my June commission.
    Its late because my PayPal Id was not updated.
    thanks Zach for helping me out.

  14. I have worked with Zach/Triad since 2009 and they have paid me in full, on time every time, no issues whatsoever.

  15. I have been running Lending Tree from Triad for well over 18 months, paid on time every month. Their entire team has been great.

  16. This is one of the best affiliate networks that I have come across. They have very good offers that you can choose from, and which are easy to convert. No much strict requirements when it comes to be accepted into the program, they have also various payments methods, and they make quick and timely payments. There support is superb. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make money online.
    Join Now triadmedia
    Thanks Zachary

  17. Am a current affiliate of Triad. Theyve always paid on time and are responsive to issues. Recommended

  18. Awesome offers are available in Triad Media
    Please add Payoneer for Payment method.
    Thank you AM Zachary for Always support and assist us.

  19. Awesome offers are available in Triad Media
    They give me payment timely.
    Please add Payoneer for Payment method.
    Thank you AM Zachary for Always support and assist us.

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