Antidetect with advanced functionality:
1) Multi-accounting (work with thousands of separated browser profiles using a single device. Each profile will be identified as a unique user for Internet platforms and social networks.);
2) Support for browser extensions (meet the new Chromium-based Undetected browser core with the ability to instal extantions. Support for devtools and other standard Chrome tools(automatic page, etc.).);
3) Fingerprint substitution and working with cookies(configuration = its a dataset collected from real browsers and devices. You can create a browser profile by choosing in the program a specific configuration).

Unique technologies
Instead of artificial advantages:
1) 3 ways to store profiles(Locally on your device, in the cloud, or on your own server. Eliminate the risks associated with the security of third-party storage, especially when it comes to accounts and crypto-wallets.);
2) Unlimited local profiles(On any paid tariff, starting from $49. Since they are stored on your device, you do not waste time syncing with servers, getting high fault tolerance in operation.);
3) In-depth access settings for teamwork(Create your own roles with more than 33 rights settings. Divide cloud profiles into groups for account management according to the team structure. View profile logs.);
4) Browser Fingerprint Store (The latest versions of browser prints up to $1/pc are presented. A wide selection of operating systems and browsers that will suit any needs. Free configurations are regularly updated more than 2 times a month.).

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