Union Pharm Affiliate Program

Union Pharm Affiliate Program

Union Pharm Affiliate Program provides pharmacy products for European market.

We give up to 50% commission for every order and pay our affiliates earnings on a weekly basis to Epayments, Capitalist or Bitcoin. Other payments methods are also available and discussed individually.

We also have a second tier referal system – you get 10% of your referal earnings.

UnionPharm Affiliate Program is looking for experienced webmasters to join us. Welcome!

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11 reviews on “Union Pharm Affiliate Program

  1. union-pharm has proven itself from the best side, especially in terms of service. There has never been a time when payments were delayed, I always receive money to my account just in time. This is a great place where you can earn good money on the farm, and there are quite a lot of goods presented, there is a choice of what.

  2. On the farm, you can quite conveniently merge. I was pleased that there really are many countries in Europe who receive traffic. The main thing, of course, is high-quality casting, then there will definitely be no problems with payments here!

  3. Immediately for the selected offers, I was provided with promos with creatives. I mainly test weight loss for myself, but I also came in with products for potency, as it is also a good direction, as it seems to me.

  4. Grid clearly has a very big future if they continue to evolve. And after all, they are constantly introducing new offers, and this is already a big plus, that if something fell off when draining, you can conditionally cut a new weight loss and continue to drain it.

  5. I was pleased that in union-pharm they immediately discussed everything with the manager, he told how it is better to merge traffic here and things started to go! Moreover, there is really an opportunity to customize everything for yourself and earn good money! I have been in the farm for about half a year, and I see that the grid has a huge potential.

  6. Revshara is generally good at Union-Pharm, and if you work actively and bring in a lot of leads, then they even pay 50 percent. I have only reached 45 so far, but I think I will continue to scale and get even more. And after all, they pay quite quickly, once a month a decent amount always comes to my balance

  7. The affiliate works with high quality and always strives to offer good conditions in order to load traffic. Moreover, after all, even proms transfer everything to the GEO to which you merge. This is convenient in terms of the fact that you know for sure that even through banners you will merge into the target!

  8. When comparing affiliate programs, I paid attention to many aspects, and stopped at union-pharm, as they are the only ones who made it possible to test everything and immediately provided high rates. I’ve been draining here for about 3 months, but

  9. I am completely satisfied with the pp, I chose several categories of goods, discussed with the manager, he tells me where it is better to merge. So we are actively working

  10. There is no hold in the affiliate program, they quickly check the traffic and, if anything, discuss the terms of payments with the manager.

  11. During this time I worked in several pharmaceutical affiliate programs, but here the choice of goods is really larger. That is, after the tests, I left a few for myself and actively drain them. Manager plus says, if suddenly a product has fallen off, to switch to another. Reception suggests really profitable solutions.

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