Vision is an anti-detect browser designed to cater to the needs of both solo media buyers and teams. With Vision, users can conveniently switch between individual and team modes within a single account, eliminating the need for separate registrations. What makes it so great and why is it loved:

➡️ Instant creation and launch of profiles
➡️ Everything is gathered here for the convenience of your work: folders for profiles, tags, notes, statuses, extensions, and changing mobile proxy IPs in one click
➡️ Vision is based on Chromium, and real user fingerprints are used for substitution
➡️ During verification, all checkers light up green, like dollars in your wallet
➡️ All user data is encrypted, and accessing them is simply impossible
➡️ Stability
➡️ Convenient command mode
➡️ User-friendly interface

Now free (Beta test)

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