Webvork is a reliable nutra COD CPA network with its own exclusive products and the most profitable terms of cooperation with our partners.

Webvork was found one year ago as a private CPA network with absolutely exclusive offers for our trusted publishers only. So, since that moment our network is growing rapidly and instantly expanding distribution worldwide.

The idea of ‘võrk’ is what we do believe in, from Estonian it means ‘network’, and for us, it means more than just a word. After registration, every publisher becomes a member of the network and gets closely linked with our team.

It means that our promise to make your cooperation with us profitable, efficient and comfortable we do keep as a must. After a year of successful work, we decided to spread our “net” and become non-private CPA network. But the main principle of our cooperation that we’re ready to provide personal individual solutions for our partners and publishers would be constantly the same.

Commission Type
Minimum Payment
Payment Method
WebMoneyWire TransferePaymentsPayPal
Payment Frequency
Weekly upon request

25 reviews on “Webvork

  1. Nice network. Good to work if you have EU traffic. Classic nutra offers for body weight loss.

  2. Everything is cool! But you shold be accurate, use only appropriate traffic, listen your manager and this way you can easily get a lot of money as me:)

  3. Best european network that I worked with. Very helpfull manager, european callcentre and awesome approve rate. I recomend to use teaser traffic and natives.

  4. I can surely recommend this programm for every one who knows some aspects of the Italian market. As far as I know, here are the best payouts for the nutra offers and approve rate is aslo not bad.

  5. I am very glad that I got to this affiliate program. Initially, it was extremely shocked by the payment rate and even many times counted everything, how can this be. As a result, I decided and began to drive push traffic. Super)

  6. Webvork is a great nutra COD affiliate network which offers amazing exclusive offers which convert very well in the European markets. The team is professional, reliable, and especially helpful with anything you may need. Highly recommended!

  7. Great network. I have been working for a very long time, for a year of work there have been no problems at all. The personal manager is a great guy who will always help and prompt. Incoming applications are processed promptly, in general, everything is cool!

  8. I have been working with this CPA network for a very long time. Among the advantages, I can single out good rates for the CPA model and for the CPL model. Payouts are among the highest in the entire market. I like everything very much, personal managers are always in touch. They also constantly publish various useful materials and news on social networks, I like everything!

  9. Very good CPA network. I like everything about them. Good products, high payouts, good manager. Accept different traffic sources. They open new countries, launch new offers. Recently released a sleep mask, an excellent offer. I have been working with Webwork for a long time and will continue to work.

  10. Webwork is the best CPA network I have worked with. I participate in the competition, I work with Google apruv 60% and a huge payout. The personal manager always responds to messages. They translate advertising materials into the language of the desired country. If you work with beauty and health products, then you need to work with Webwork.

  11. I have been working with the Webwork CPA network for a very long time. Everything suits me, I like everything. Payments are made on time, the rates are high, the personal manager responds promptly to messages. I recommend it Webvork

  12. A good CPA network. I’ve been working for a long time. Big bets, very sociable and professional support.

  13. I have been working for a very long time, I am satisfied with the daily support and stable payments. I like the work of the support staff, they do everything quickly and efficiently. I recommend this CPA network for cooperation.

  14. I recommend everyone to work with this CPA network. Big bets, daily payouts. Support that will always help. I have been working with Webwork for more than 1 year, I am happy with everything.

  15. I have been working with the Webvork CPA network for more than a year. Always stable payments, a large percentage of confirmed applications, high rates. You can also note the competent work of a personal manager.

  16. This CPA network has its own loyalty store. If you work with their offers, points are awarded to you. I recently bought a new macbook. It was something like a bonus to the main payout. I am very pleased, the competitors do not have this.

  17. One of the best CPA/CPL networks. The choice of countries is not so great, but I can say that Chile, the Czech Republic and of course Germany + Austria were very successful for me. The trash is minimal, the confirmations in Chile and the Czech Republic were 52% on average, Germany + Austria – 61%.

  18. Technical support is prompt, payments are daily, rates on offers are above the average for the nutrition market. There are no delays in payments, it’s very easy to ask and get a bump.

  19. A very stable and technologically advanced international affiliate network that has existed for 10 years unchanged – this says a lot. Support can help a lot, especially for a beginner at the first steps. Delays in payments sometimes occur, but this is more of a niche specificity.

  20. As for the support, it is very fast and works 24/7. If suddenly it cannot give an answer to some question, then you can find answers in the Telegram channel of the network.
    High rates on offers, while they are not cut, the amout of trash here is minimal also.

  21. I would say they are quite reasonable guys. After 3 months of work, I was even a little surprised by the things I dealt with – first of all, by technical support and a call center (as for the latter, they even uploaded audio of the live work of managers) They also manage without shaving, they bump the rates for normal webmasters, although the rates are initially quite working.

  22. Quite a high-quality affiliate network. It inspires confidence that at least the fact they have existed since 2017 without changing their names. Cooperated with them for about a year, left simply because I had already begun to assemble my team. I completely advise them for beginners – there is a normal sport, it helps with a lot of things, and good rates with the possibility of a bump.

  23. I’ve been working with Webwork for over a year, everything is great! High rates, support works 24/7, they will always help and promptly answer my questions. So this is the best affiliate program with nitra offers.

  24. The best CPA network that I’ve ever got to work with. And thanks to Webvork I continued working with Facebook. Webvork has the highest payout rates on the market, and these payouts allow you to cover high lead costs and drive traffic profitably even with poor ad campaign optimization.

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