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27 reviews on “Zeydoo

  1. great network for sweepstakes and leadgen ,amazing support and it still growing

  2. Guys from Zeydoo have always been very helpful. We have been working together over a year. They have very nice selection of offers, different verticals, different GEOS and very competitive payouts. Their platform is easy to use and have all the needed tools visible on the site.
    I would definitely recommend Zeydoo as future partner, on demand and also supply side.

    1. Can you help me with it. Am a beginner. Actually need something to stabilize my income . hope you will be my mentor

  3. They pay more than other networks for similar offers. I haven’t seen the multiple redirect loops that some of the other networks do. Payments are on time. The staff is really helpful.
    Zeydoo just ran a competition that reimbursed us for our efforts and we kept the profits. We got to learn a lot about a new feature and how to run campaigns without breaking the bank.
    You can see in the pic, I did a lot of work the first month, then I had to slow down a bit to let funds transfer.

    1. Please can u help me with this?? I’m new and really need some guidance please. Thanks 🙏

  4. I have been working with Zeydoo from 7/8 months now, we work on mobile subscription vertical (mvas) and others and everything is amazing, they are defineitly one of my favourite networks on my clients wallet. Gleb, my account manager, always suggest me the best offer that I ask, even when I ask so much about verticals, that’s when we have interesting discussions about what’s going on in the market! Thanks Gleb!

  5. We’ve been working with Zeydoo for almost six months now and have a great experience. The entire team is really helpful right from moderation to the payment team. We’ve hardly had any discomfort working with them. The account managers are supportive and always guiding on what’s working.
    We primarily work with mobile app campaigns & Push SOI campaigns that convert like a charm.
    You always have plenty of offers from various verticals to choose from that makes it a great experience.
    If you are looking to partner with a trusted affiliate network, Zeydoo ranks right at the top.
    For me, I give them a 9 on 10.

  6. After working with Zeydoo for six months I can tell they are one of the top ones a marketer can look for. They have a lot of experience and can match you exactly what you are looking for. The team and AMs are really helpful. We never had any unpleasant issues or financial issues with them. We usualy run mobile app campaigns & Push SOI campaigns with them. If you are looking to partner with a trusted affiliate network, I would highly recommend Zeydoo.

  7. Excellent network, well managed with around the clock assistance.
    Great offer variety and good payouts.
    No problems with payments.

  8. Lovely Result and Decent Price offer & Professional staff.
    a bit strict on quality but in all it’s good for affiliate and advertiser.

  9. I got my first payment from.Excellent network, well managed with around the clock assistance.
    Great offer variety and good payouts.
    No problems with payments.
    Midh Ranjha

  10. I’m working with Zeydoo since they started, and appreciated their support, especially their detailed offer recommendations. And, importantly, they always paid me in time.

  11. Fast payouts!!!
    High paying offers!!!
    Great support!!!
    Definitely recommend for a solid network with lots of fresh offers!!!
    Try this one out!!!

  12. Zeydoo is the best network I ever had, I have been an affiliate with multiple networks and I have been in the CPA branch for 3 years now, but the pays and the quality zeydoo offers is unlike any other company. Top Notch company in its early stadium. AAA+

  13. Guys, you are the best! Proffesional support, nice campaigns, on-time payments! Thanks!

  14. In 2021 Zeydoo has been very solid for me. Especially with those Survey offers which I feel like everyone must test.
    Besides Surveys Android Utility Apps, VPN and some Carrier Billing offers has been great as well.
    I was also fortunate enough to reach and even go beyond the Super Affiliate level in their recent Lucky Blue Contest and was offered some extra prizes along with expected MacBook M1, very nice touch there 🙂
    5/5. They’re definitely paying 😉

  15. Zeydoo is a great network. They have lots of nice offer and the support team give you detailed recommendations.

  16. Fantastic service and very reasonable payout ever. I like this network. I would highly recommend them

  17. This company is reliable. We have a longstanding partnership with them. If you drive quality traffic, you get regular payouts for all leads. They provide various verticals and worldwide GEOs and they also increase the rates. Therefore, I strongly recommend them.

  18. I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts on this affiliate program for a while now, but haven’t had the chance.The program is simple and user-friendly, with transparent terms. The payouts are stable and timely, and if you work well, you can count on special rates.I highly recommend this affiliate program as it is definitely worth your attention.

  19. I drive quality traffic and make good profits. Zeydoo always pays promptly, so I never have to worry about my money. It’s a trustworthy and transparent affiliate network, I highly recommend it.

  20. I have been working with this affiliate program for a long time and everything here works steadily. The managers are proactive and very professional. I fully trust Zeydoo. It’s my favorite affiliate program at the moment, with a great selection of offers that convert well.

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